Southern Utah Wildflower Tours, Mojave Desert Wildflower Tours, Wildflower Photography

sego lilly, Southern Utah Wildflower Tours, Mojave Desert Wildflower Tour, wildflower photography


See the desert at its most vibrant on our special seasonal Wildflower Tours!


Led by a botany educated wildflower enthusiast, our Southern Utah Wildflower Tours help you connect with our human history when plant identification was a matter of life and death. The brain almost naturally wants to classify them. Although some Southern Utah wildflowers bloom throughout the warmer months, the major bloom is generally from late April to late May. We also can run Mojave Desert wildflower tours out of Las Vegas for larger groups. Wildflowers peak in the Mojave Desert a bit earlier from Mid march through early May.

Experience blooms of globemallow, marigold, primrose, penstemon, Rhubarb, Buckwheat, Lilies, yuccas, sacred datura, chickory, dandelion, cliffrose, apache plume, desert bells, five-spot, monkey flower, creosote, ocotillo, cactus, and many more. We take you right to where they are blooming, orient you to plant identification with the best field guides, and teach the basics of desert wildflower photography.

Hedgehog Cactus Bloom, Mojave Desert Wildflowers

4 or 8 hrs Adults: $100, $180, Children 15 and under: $5o, $90. Minimum $200.

Hiking Difficulty 1-10:1-3 case by case but generally easy.

Hiking Distances are generally minimal, but the terrain can be uneven in places. Those with physical difficulties can be accommodated on our seasonal Wildflower Tours.

****Please do not book online if you are a single unless you have consulted us first. We have a two adult passenger minimum. It works much better if you call us or send us an email to discuss your options and what tours are running during your date window. Please see our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE #4 for more information.****