Our Tour Guides

William James, Kanab Tour Guide/Manager

William James

Kanab Tour Guide/Manager

With his infectious love of the Southwestern Outdoors, Will has worked as a tour guide or Park Ranger for more than 7 years. After a few years of learning and exploring the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas, Utah’s spectacular Canyon Country captivated him. Working for the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service has given him an intimate knowledge of public lands management and the backcountry of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Will joined Dreamland in February of 2011. He has advanced education in Biology, Ecology, Geology, Environmental Studies, and Interpretation. He is an enthusiastic, developing photographer and has the perfect job for it. He loves meeting new people from all over the world and seeing new things every day. His easy going nature and stimulating style of conversation make his tours a hit with travelers.

Meghann Kent, Dreamland Front of the House Manager

Meghann Kent

Dreamland Front of the House Manager

Meghann has been Dreamland’s booking agent since February 2011. A true people person, she is invaluable to Dreamland handling new clients and organizing tours. She has a degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Resources with a focus on eco-tourism and outdoor education.  Also a former Park Ranger, she recently worked for several years at Zion National Park before moving to Kanab. Meghann loves sharing her knowledge of the area and its inhabitants and orienting people to all aspects of our tours as well as the Kanab Area.

Bret Benge, Kanab Tour Guide/Back of the House Manager

Bret Benge

Kanab Tour Guide/Back of the House Manager

Bret has spent more than 20 years hiking the trails, driving the backroads and fishing the rivers of the Colorado Plateau. His love of exploration has given him a knowledge of the the mountains and deserts of the Western United States and Central and South America. After a few years living in Mexico, Bret has returned to Southern Utah, where his heart resides and is now managing and guiding for Dreamland Safari Tours.

“I have never met a dirt road I didn’t love.”

Steve Southam, Kanab Tour Guide

Steve Southam

Kanab Tour Guide

Steve was born in England but always dreamed of escaping to the wide open spaces of the Wild West. He has been a 4-wheeler for many years in California and Nevada and has many years experience back packing in the UK, Swiss Alps, Sierra Nevada and the Himalayas. As a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist he understands the healing power of nature and enjoys every opportunity to experience and share it.

Orion Bradburn, Kanab Adventure Guide

Orion Bradburn

Kanab Adventure Guide

Orion was born in the mountains of western North Carolina and grew up with a love of the outdoors. After studying forestry he became passionate about the trees, creeks, and trails all around him. Orion became enchanted with the west after a family trip and always wanted to return to the wonder and mystery of the Utah deserts. He has lived in Kanab for 5 years and worked previously in the Grand Staircase National Monument with troubled teens teaching, hiking, and camping for a total of over 250 nights. This experience gave him a unique and very personal connection with the desert land. He has now been a Dreamland employee since may 2017, and has never been more excited to be part of this amazing place.

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” – Edward Abbey

Andrea Jasper, Kanab Tour Guide

Andrea Jasper

Kanab Tour Guide

Andrea grew up with a passion for the outdoors. As a child her parents could hardly get her to come inside for dinner, and frankly, not much has changed. Andrea has spent most of her adult life in Hawaii, and first visited Kanab in 2006 to do a Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hike. After several subsequent trips to Utah, Andrea and her husband moved permanently. Andrea is energetic and fun and also loves sharing the story of Utah’s incredible landscapes, wildlife and history. She has a journalism degree and newspaper experience, which has taught her how to gather and interpret information to make it interesting and relevant.

Baylie Nelson, Kanab Tour Guide

Baylie Nelson

Kanab Tour Guide

Baylie was born and raised in Northern Utah camping and hiking regularly. She took her first trip to Kanab, Utah when she was nine and has been determined to live in southern Utah ever since. In the meantime while living up north, she worked for the Boy Scouts of America for three years. Finally she made the move and started backpacking for weeks at a time in the Grand Staircase area and began guiding for Dreamland at the beginning of 2019. Her passion for the outdoors continues to grow showing people around the part of the world she loves the most.

Brent Kinley, Kanab Tour Guide

Brent Kinley

Kanab Tour Guide

Brent came to Southern Utah with an explorer’s heart. After completing the Appalachian Trail in 2011, he completed the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013. In 2014 he hiked across the Continental Divide. Since arriving in Utah he has continued his pursuits into the wild. Brent continues to cover ground experiencing the endless lands of the southwest.

“It has been incredible realizing that my job is a love that I get to share. There is a level of awe that never goes away out here. We go to some true gems.”

Josh Jones, Kanab Tour Guide

Josh Jones

Kanab Tour Guide

Josh is a lifelong Utah native. Growing up in a small mountain valley town in northern Utah, he took advantage of every opportunity to be in the high country mountains and the outdoors. Back-packing, running, mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing- if its outdoors, he’s ready to go. Josh made the move to Southern Utah, chasing his unquenchable thirst for the the incredible red rock canyon country that surrounds beautiful Kanab. For seven years Josh has called Kanab home and has spent much of that time exploring all that it has to offer. Guiding others and sharing his knowledge of this amazing area is as rewarding to him as it is to those that come to visit. It’s safe to bet that his backpack is packed and ready at all times!