White Pocket Photography, White Pocket Tour

White Pocket Photography, White Pocket Tour, Vermilion Cliffs, Paria

White Pocket Tour Guests say it is as if they have entered a fantasy landscape on an alien planet. That’s just how striking the natural rock features are to behold. Our guides will show you some of the best angles for photography.

Our White Pocket Tour in extreme Northern Arizona guides you through a gnarled expanse laid bare right at the transition between the white and reddish orange sandstone. It has twists, multi-color striations of white, yellow, red, orange, and pink, pock marks and pools that sometimes fill with water, mushroom like protrusions, strange bulges that look like brains, polygonal fracturing, and wave-like features.  The processes that have given yield to these bizarre rock formations stump even expert geologists. Some think that the area was liquefied in an ancient earthquake which distorted the sandstone layers while they were still soft, before they were buried under the oceans for 100 million years and turned to stone under the enormous heat and pressure.

The White Pocket Tour guides you to one of the most photogenic places in the Vermillion Cliffs N.M., Northern Arizona, and perhaps the entire Southwest, rivaling the Wave in size, variety, and complexity. To find out more about how White Pocket compares to the Wave click ahead to read our BLOG.

White Pocket Photography Tour Guides

Unique compositions are literally found every few steps in this world-class photographic wonderland. You won’t want to leave.

White Pocket, AZ Photo Gallery

Unlike the Wave or S. Coyote Buttes, White Pocket does not require any advance permits.


9 hrs. Adults $175, Children 15 or under $87.50.

Hiking Difficulty 1-10: 3

Uneven footing, and small elevation changes make this terrain slightly difficult. The distance is short and at your discretion 1-2 miles.

****Please do not book online if you are a single unless you have consulted us first. We have a two adult passenger minimum. It works much better if you call us or send us an email to discuss your options and what tours are running during your date window. Please see our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE #4 for more information.****

White Pocket is also done in combination with Coyote Buttes South. Both locations are great substitutes for those that get unlucky in the Wave lottery and perfect complements for those that score. For those looking to do Sunrise and Sunset at White Pocket try our Overnight White Pocket Photography Tour

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