Secluded Private Grand Canyon Tours, Tuweep Tour Guides, Toroweap Tour Guides

Secluded Private Grand Canyon Tours, Tuweep Tour Guides, Toroweap Tour Guides

Let the timeless wilderness of the Grand Canyon’s North Rim captivate your soul at one-of-a kind Toroweap. Our natural, private Grand Canyon Tours to Toroweap are second to none.

With 3000 vertical feet of air to the river, Toroweap, or Tuweep as it is also known,  is unique as the most sheer viewpoint in the Grand Canyon National Park. It rests on a layer of red rock nestled between the towering Parashant cliffs and the abyss of the Grand Canyon. Very recent volcanic activity (geologically speaking) creates a cool backdrop and incites the imagination. Sometimes we are lucky enough to see the rafters go over Lava Falls nearly 2 miles away.

On the busiest days of the year one might see 20 people the whole day. Usually there’s few to none. There are no rails, no signs, no pavement, no buses, no commercialism.  Tuweep has been featured by National Geographic and Peter Lik and ranks #5 on Trip Advisor for all of Grand Canyon National Park. This is a huge testament of its ability to move people considering only 1 in 10 visit the North Rim, and probably only1 in 10 of them leave the pavement.

On our remote Private Grand Canyon Tours at Tuweep we have a homemade picnic near the rim and take a short but exhilarating hike to the best vantage points. Our experienced Toroweap Tour guides help you shoot those once in a lifetime photographs. For those more adventurous try an overnighter at incredible Toroweap. Be one of the lucky 1% or less!

OUR TOROWEAP TOURS RUN YEAR ROUND (except seasonal closure)

(paved portions of the North Rim are closed October through May).

Toroweap Photo Gallery

8 hrs.  Adults: $190, Children 15 and under:  $95. Minimum $380.

Hiking Difficulty 1-10: 3

Hiking Distances are minimal, but terrain is uneven. Those with physical difficulties can be accommodated.

For more info please read our blog about Toroweap.

For a little more variety on your Private Grand Canyon Tour try the Toroweap Tour with Rock Art Add On.

****Please do not book online if you are a single unless you have consulted us first. We have a two adult passenger minimum. It works much better if you call us or send us an email to discuss your options and what tours are running during your date window. Please see our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE #4 for more information.****

Secluded Private Grand Canyon Tours, Tuweep Tour Guides, Toroweap Tour Guides