The Grand Canyon needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular outdoor destinations on the planet. Only about 1 in 10 visit the North Rim, the less commercialized of the two. Dreamland takes it a step further on our Remote Grand Canyon Tours! We give you the 1% (or less), by offering Off Road Tours to Toroweap, or Tuweep, a magical, wild, sheer overlook. Our Grand Canyon Tours to Toroweap RUN YEAR ROUND.

Toroweap Upstream Perfect lighting


Let the timeless wilderness of the Grand Canyon’s North Rim captivate your soul at one-of-a kind Toroweap. Our natural, private Grand Canyon Tours to Toroweap are second to none.   With 3000 vertical feet of air to the river, Toroweap, or Tuweep as it is also known,  is unique as the most sheer viewpoint in […]


This tour is our Toroweap Tour with an extra 90 minutes to visit a neat lava tube cave with pictographs, or Rock Art Paintings, left behind by ancient Native Americans nearly 1600 years ago. Many look fresh! Toroweap Photo Gallery 9 hrs.  Adults $205, Children 15 or under $102.50 Hiking Difficulty 1-10: 5 The distance is […]