Cancellation/Rescheduling/Weather Policy

Because of the extensive planning and preparation that goes into our multi-day tours, the high demand for daytours, and because many of our tours are booked fairly well in advance, there are significant, but reasonable fees associated with cancellation and rescheduling, especially the closer to the tour date that it occurs. By purchasing a tour with DST, I accept the cancellation/rescheduling schedule below and agree to pay accordingly in such an event.  I also agree to pay a 50% deposit for daytours, and approximately a 33% deposit for multi-day tours at the time of booking.

A. Daytours and Scheduled Overnights

30+ days til Tour Date85%
10-30 days til Tour Date75%
48hrs -10 days til Tour Date65%
Less than 48 hrs/NO SHOW0%
NOTE: IF YOU ARE A NO SHOW/ < 48HRS, YOUR CARD WILL BE CHARGED THE ADDITIONAL 50% TO COMPLETE THE FULL PAYMENT. IT IS A COMPLETE LOSS OF THE FULL COST OF THE TOUR. Daytours can be rescheduled given availability. If no availability cancellation policy applies.

B. Multi-day Tours

 Cancellation FeeRescheduling Fee
90+ days til Tour Date100no charge
60-90 days til Tour Date20% of tour price100
-30-60 days til Tour Date33% (deposit) of tour price200
7-30 days til Tour Date40% of tour price250
48hrs -7days til Tour Date50% of tour price300
Less than 48 hrs until Tour Date100% of tour price100% of tour price


We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance on D.S.T. adventures especially if your circumstances dictate it (i.e. sick family members, unpredictable job requirements, hurricane season, etc.). We will not deviate from this policy for any reason. Travel Insurance Link

A Word on Weather

Although it very rarely happens, we reserve the right to cancel or reroute tours up until the last minute due to weather, safety, or other uncontrollable circumstances. In this case we will try to reschedule, give rainchecks, agree on another more accessible destination, or if necessary give a full refund. Cancellations are slightly more likely in Winter. PLEASE NOTE: Dreamland Safari Tours makes all calls about weather. Unless it is unsafe, we lean towards completing the tour as is for a variety of reasons. We also wait until the last minute to make these calls. We do not speculate on forecasts. If a party should decide to cancel outside of our decision making, the standard cancellation policy will apply.