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We are open for business - with intensified health protocols and expanded private tour options.

Tour Information Matrix

Tour NameSpecial Permit Required?LengthDeparture Time OptionsPrice - AdultsPrice - Children 14 & underPrivate Tour Starting AtHiking Difficulty (1 beginner, 10 expert only)GeologyRock ArtViewsArcheologyWildlifeWildflowers (April thru June)
Peekaboo Slot Canyon Tourno3 hours8am, 10am, 2pm; June-September also at 4pm$99$49.50$594 (total)1XXXXX
Slot Canyon Photography Bonanza Tourno8 hours8am;
6am June-September
$209n/a$1,254 (total)7XXXX
Slot/Dino Combono4.5 hours8am, 2pm$140$70.00$840 (total)1XXXXX
Peekaboo Slot Canyon With White Wave Tourno4.5 hours8:30am, 2pm$140$70$840 (total)5XXXXXX
Sunset Safari Tourno4 hours3.5 hours before sunset$125$62.50$750 (total)1XXXX
Ultimate Kanab Tourno8-9 hours8:30am$229$115$1,374 (total)5 or lessXXXXXX
The Wave TourYES FOR NCB
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9 hours8am;
6am June-September
$199n/a$995 (total)7, not recommended for small childrenXXXX
The Wave Tour with Wire Pass Slot CanyonYES FOR NCB
(Click For Details)
10 hours8am;
6am June-September
$219n/a$899 (total)8, not recommended for small childrenXXXX
Amazing Sandstone Teepeesno10 hours8am;
6am June & September;
5am July & August
$219n/a$1,095 (total)9XX
White Pocket Tourno9 hours8am, 10am$199n/a$995 (total)3XXXX
South Coyote Buttes TourYES FOR SCB
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10 hours9:30am,
7am June-September
$219n/a$1,095 (total)7, not recommended for small childrenXXXX
Toroweap/Tuweep Tourno8 hours9am$229n/a$1,374 (total)3XXXX
Toroweap w/ Rock Art and Lava Tubeno9 hours9am$249n/a$1,494 (total)5XXXXX
Grand Staircase Photo Dream Tourno9 hours9:30am$229n/a$1,374 (total)4XXXXX
Grand Staircase Hiker's Dreamno9 hours8:30am;
6 am June-September
$199n/a$1,194 (total)7XX
Marble Canyon Photography Tourno8 hours9:30am$209n/a$899 (total)3XXXX
Overnight Toroweap Photography Tourno24 hours12pm$375n/a$1599 (total)3XXXX
White Pocket Overnight Photography Tourno24 hours12pm$375n/a$1599 (total)3XXXXXX
Guide's Choice Tourcustomcustomcustom$499.00n/a$594 (Half Day) and $995 (Full Day)1X
Custom Multi-Day Tourcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustom
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