This tour is available on a custom basis only. Custom multiday tours are rarely economical for groups less than 4. If you are group of 1, 2, or 3 the most economical option is to join our scheduled overnight trips to White Pocket and Toroweap.

3 Day Custom Safari-Tentative Itinerary
56 HRS.

Day 1- Kanab Favorites/Toroweap
9:00 am- Guests are picked up at hotel and we depart for Mystical Slot Canyon/ White Wave
1:30 pm- After Lunch we depart Kanab for Toroweap
4:00 pm- Guide orients the group to the Rim Area and Leads a short hiking tour to the upstream and downstream views then returns to camp to set up. Guests have free time until dark/dinner.
7:00 pm- Sunset
8:00 pm- Dinner
9:00 pm til bedtime- clean up, campfire, discussion, relaxation, astronomy, star photos

Day 2- Grand Staircase
7:00 am- Sunrise
8:00 am- Breakfast
8:30 am- Guide packs up while guests explore the area around camp
10 am- Depart for Grand Staircase
1pm- See the Gunsmoke Movie Set and Roadside Rock Art/Inscribed Rock
2pm – Willis Creek Slot Canyon, Kodachrome Basin, Grosvenor Arch, Candyland, Cottonwood narrows. Cottonwood Rd/Cockscomb
7pm- Arrive at camp at intersection of Brigham Plains Road and Cottonwood Rd. Take guests to Overlook for afternoon light/Sunset.
8pm- Dinner
9pm til bedtime- clean up, campfire, discussion, relaxation, astronomy

Day 3- Wave or White Pocket/SCB or White Pocket/Wire Pass (depending on permits and lottery results)
7:00 am – Breakfast
8:00 am – Depart Camp
9:30 am – Wave or White Pocket/SCB or White Pocket/Wire Pass (timing varies)
9:00 pm – Return to Kanab

Rates-Rates are calculated on a case by case basis
$xxxx+$xxxx+$xxx+$xxx.xx (pro-rated)= $xxxx.xx X 1.1095 (sales taxes and fees)=$xxxx.xx Once you approve this itinerary, we will need you to phone in with your credit card details to make a 33.3% deposit.
Once you approve this quote, you will need to give us a call to give us payment info for a 33% deposit. Once charged you will receive formal confirmation and receipt. On your approval I will take a 33.3% deposit form the credit card you left with me to reserve the dates.

Please see our What to Bring, Waiver, and Cancellation Policy on the Resources tab on our website.

By default we grill veggies and a meat with bread and have sandwiches for lunch. Salads can also be arranged. We include water and snacks throughout the day. We can include a soda or other beverage of choice upon request. Alcohol is not provided, but you may bring it on your own if you wish. Let us know if there are special dietary considerations.