The Mystical Slot Canyon Tour-Better than Antelope Canyon Tours

Sunlight strikes different parts of the sculpted walls throughout the hours of high sun making the Mystical Slot Canyon Tour ideal for Slot Canyon Photography or just old-fashioned family fun.


Come with us on an exciting 4×4 ride through the vibrant pink sand and dramatic red sandstone to a spectacular slot canyon not far from Kanab.

Both amateur and more serious photographers find it easy to make nice photos. Its solid red color and orange hued glows makes it unique. Most slot canyons are white or a mixture of colors.

Our slot canyon tour guides you on an easy photo and nature walk. It is accessible to all ages and abilities and led by an expert naturalist tour guide. See wildlife, wildflowers, cool geology, and even some archaeology on this value-packed tour.

Time stands still for you at this hard-to-reach gem. Natives once lived in and around this place and left their marks, lending it an aura of mysticism and wonderment.


The Mystical Slot Canyon Tour

Unlike other slot canyon tours, there are never any crowds here. Most often you’ll have the whole canyon to yourselves. Antelope Canyon Tours reviews will highlight the beautiful but commercialized experience there.  A discerning eye pays attention to the reviews during June through October, when most people visit.

After the slot canyon, depending on time, we will visit beautiful Kanab Creek Canyon near Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where there is a hidden lake, a granary ruin, and a petroglyph (rock art) site. At only a few hours this tour is great as an introduction to the area or an easy way to check the slot canyon off the list. So even if you are just passing through give us a call.
The Mystical Slot Canyon Tour

Slot Canyon Photo Gallery

3 hrs.  Adults $90, Children 15 or under $45

Hiking Difficulty 1-10: 1

Recommended for all ages and abilities.

****Please do not book online if you are a single unless you have consulted us first. We have a two adult passenger minimum. It works much better if you call us or send us an email to discuss your options and what tours are running during your date window. Please see our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE #4 for more information.****

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