Marble Canyon Panoramic, Marble Canyon Photography Tour, Marble Canyon Photography

Marble Canyon Tour, Marble Canyon Photography Tour, Utah Adventure Photography Tour

Our Marble Canyon Photography Tour features a spectacular and secluded stretch of the Colorado River between Glen Canyon and the Grand Canyon. These views, however, are nothing short of grand.


Come with us to several different viewpoints along the remote rim on our Marble Canyon Photography Tour, an original in Arizona Adventure Photography. Walk around on the rim and find unique angles that maybe no one else has on this Dreamland exclusive tour. You will find an endless array of overlooks, angles, bends, and foreground frames for these dramatic landscapes. Peter Lik, master photographer, recently did an episode of From the Edge at Marble Canyon and at Toroweap. Let’s go explore!

Marble Canyon Photo Gallery

7-8 hrs.  Adults: $180, Children 15 and under:  $90. Minimum $360.

Hiking Difficulty 1-10: 3

Hiking Distances are minimal, but the terrain is uneven. Those with physical difficulties can be accommodated on the Marble Canyon Photography Tour.


****PLEASE NOTE**** For optimal photographic results, this tour is best taken during the regular season April-September. In the winter months, from some of the overlooks the canyon is in perpetual shade or has a very limited window of full light due to the low angle of the sun.

****Please do not book online if you are a single unless you have consulted us first. We have a two adult passenger minimum. It works much better if you call us or send us an email to discuss your options and what tours are running during your date window. Please see our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE #4 for more information.****

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